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Veteran programs

We have many veterans we reach out and help in various ways. Right now, we have one veteran we are partnering with to help. Partner with us and all of your donations to this direct funding link will go to this veteran in need, up to $3,000. Any funds raised above $3,000 will be put toward our veteran programs and future veterans in need.

The Need: JD has been featured in the news in several articles. He has been the victim of Identity Theft and Fraud. His life stolen away by illegals and he was discarded by Kamala Harris, while she was AG. Serving in Iraq, the war on terror he returned to a whirlwind of a mess leaving him destitute and homeless. Currently JD is still fighting the identity fraud and needs financial help to start his life over again, with your help. 

If you can, please step up. Every dollar counts. Thank you.