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Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara

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Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara



Supported by Kevin Leon, former Ca State Senator, Ricardo Lara is someone who has been influencing in Sacramento for some time.

Ricardo Lara has vocal about and been supporting, advancing, and encouraging mandated health and other insurance for all Californians, including those here illegally. 

Lara refuses to acknowledge insurance does not guarantee quality care or services. 

We have seen and will continue to see mismanaging of our financial and insurance system, hostile policy oversight, bloated regulations, wasting public monies and resources, and lack of leadership which have led to deterioration of California communities, rise in crime, poor schools, crumbling infrastructure, outrageous rise of costs from gas to utilities, and especially a mass housing crisis, frightening increase in homelessness, and insurmountable debt. 

There is also massive increased public safety risk by continued undermining of the United States Constitution, allowing the erosion of the California Constitution, and defying Federal Immigration laws, allowing laws and policies protecting and helping illegal aliens, including insurance protections for those persons illegally present in the United States.

Ricardo Lara must be stopped.

Stand with us to Recall Ricardo Lara in 2019

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