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Recall Lt. Governor Kounalakis

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Lt. Governor Elect Eleni Kounalakis


Eleni Kounalakis is a Democrat operative. Hailed by Kamala Harris as the perfect choice for Lt. Governor and Appointed in past by Barack Obama as Ambassador, for over a decade Eleni Kounalakishas been influencing the mismanagement of policies, public monies and resources.

This lack of leadership has led to deterioration of California communities, rise in crime, poor schools, crumbling infrastructure, outrageous rise of costs from gas to utilities, and especially a mass housing crisis, frightening increase in homelessness, and insurmountable debt.

One day in elected office taking action rather than mere influencing places a burden on Californians and taxpayers we can ‘t afford.

There is massive increased public safety risk by Eleni's continued influence, pushing forward laws and policies like Medicare for All or Universal Healthcare, and laws protecting and helping illegal aliens.

Eleni Kounalakis has continually put Californians and United States Citizens, including our veterans, last.

Stand with us to Recall Eleni Kounalakis in 2019

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