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Recall State Controller Betty Yee

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State Controller Betty Yee



Betty Yee has abused her position as Controller for far too long.  Mismanagement  our financial system, fostering hostile policy oversight, wasting public monies and resources, providing a lack of leadership have led to deterioration of California communities, rise in crime, poor schools, crumbling infrastructure, outrageous rise of costs from gas to utilities, and especially a mass housing crisis, frightening increase in homelessness, and insurmountable debt.  

Unlawfully authorizing funding of the “high speed rail” to nowhere, and authorizing Cost Overrun payments in excess of 600 million dollars with over 1.6 billion pending, for the Central Valley, when the program has not met funding requirements. 

Authorizing funds for health care, housing, schooling, and other programs to be disbursed by state agencies to illegal aliens in the State of California, costs taxpayers billions of dollars, burdening our once great state. 

Under her direction we experience massive increased public safety risk by continued undermining of the United States Constitution, allowing the erosion of the California Constitution, and defying Federal Immigration laws, allowing laws and policies protecting and helping illegal aliens. 

Betty Yee continually puts Californians and United States Citizens, including our veterans last.

Stand with us to Recall Betty Yee in 2019

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