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We strengthen the ability of all Americans to contribute and partake in our nations economic opportunities.

With longer life expectancy, advocacy for our aging groups, our veterans and minorities is vital to the success of our nation. 

We encourage Americans to take charge of their finances.

Social Security may not last forever. We must empower and advocate for future generations.

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We advocate efforts and pursue policy to ensure equal access to quality education opportunities for all American Students.

We believe equality for U.S. Citizens is a real issue, especially as it relates to education. In many cases visiting students gain priority. 

With people working longer, changing vocations, advocating for our aging population is a top priority. 

It is time to put Americans, U.S. Citizen Students First.

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We have a heated health debate in the nation, meanwhile our American children, our aging population, the homeless, and even our veterans struggle. 

We work to decrease health problems in the United States among Americans by advocating for free market solutions for all citizens through policy analysis, advocacy, partnerships with community organizations.

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Join RAN Action Network


Don't wait, get involved today.. stay up to date and briefed on the issues. We are in this together.

Joining the RAN Action Network, with Restoring American Now, you join a united front of Americans and allies who want to be informed about topics and policies that could impact the community. 

You will also be updated regularly about the work we’re doing to champion equality and foster strong American Family values, furthering conservatism, and how you can help.

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You Registered to Vote.

You Voted.

Your Vote Matters.

We fight against threats of voter inaccessibility & voter integrity.

We advocate for fair and free elections.

We advocate to make voter registration secure and accessible to all legal and eligible voters.

Get involved today. 

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We support legal immigration. 

Our priority is the American Family and National Security. We must ensure those who are here legally have a safe place and free country to live in, for generations.

Immigration isn't race based issue at all. Immigration Laws are safeguards to aid in National Security. Equality is equality and we need to keep the America First priority for all who are here legally.

We are here to advocate for those legal U.S. Citizens here in our borders and those who need help assimilating and related issues. 

We must unite and help America stay Strong.

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Civil Rights & Criminal Justice


We promote and protect, and advocate for equal opportunity in voting, education, justice issues, housing, employment, and health care for all United States Citizens. Our advocacy is also to retain our God given Liberties, promoting and defending the United States Constitution and the bill of Rights.

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We work to support and advocate for our United States Veterans and their families. 

Veterans have unique needs, face struggles unlike many other groups in America. Veterans risked everything for our country and as such we want to give back by advocating for them in any way we can.

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Our goal is to help end homelessness in the United States. 

Through outreach and support, we advocate for solutions to help end homelessness. We also advocate for strong homelessness prevention initiatives, and mental health awareness.

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Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking is a huge issue in the United States. To get more information on programs you can reach out to regarding this issue and get involved, get help or find out more, click the link below.

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Community organizations


Outreach and community organizations, independent media, information outlets.

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Our affiliates


Our affiliates are trusted organizations you can count on for timely and relevant information. 

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Inmate Programs

There are those individuals who have made bad choices, ending up in our local jails and prisons. We want to see as many as these released individuals as we can reformed properly and refocused, entered back into space where they are productive contributors to society.

Our current programs for Jails are inadequate and integration back into society is rough, and there is a low success rate. We want to see that change. This is why we are partnering with non profits who can help!

One new non profit start up is Book Mates 4 Inmates. 

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