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Our Programs



To ensure strong communities our citizenry must be adequately and properly represented with true leadership. In cases where there is not strong leadership in elected positions, our organization will analyze and allocate volunteer resources and initiate recalls supporting the people living  in these communities, evaluated on a case by case basis.

Ballot Initiatives


In recent years the United States, specifically California has seen an uptick in socialistic laws put in place. This activity must be halted and restoration realized. How? We take action, lawfully. In many cases, Ballot Initiatives can restore power back to the people. To check out our current HOT LIST of pending initiatives, receive updates, and hear about volunteer opportunities, sign up today.

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Community action


Strengthening our nation and California doesn't start with restoring law and order, it starts in our respective communities. Throughout the year our volunteer teams participate in various programs, opportunities for impact, and truly restore from the ground up. To learn more about some of these programs and resources check out our Community Action Page

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